This tool accepts an MXF file as input and returns a Reg-XML (SMPTE ST 2001-1) representation of the header metadata in that file. Only a few bytes of your MXF file are uploaded to the server – no need to wait for the entire MXF file to be uploaded!

This tool is provided on a "best-efforts" basis for experimental use.

This tool uses regxmllib and Reg-XML dictionaries and Schemas that have been auto-generated from the Published SMPTE Metadata Registers.

regxmllib deviates from SMPTE ST 2001-1:2015 in a few narrow instances. Such deviations are noted in the regxmllib source code. In particular:

  • AUIDs are written when serializing Extendible Enumerations, since the symbol of the label may not be known
  • no baseline metadictionary is used, instead one extension metadictionary per namespace is used

The input MXF file is analyzed on the client to determine how many bytes to send. No picture or sound essence should ever be transferred, but if something is wrong with the MXF file this could still happen. However, all data is deleted from the server as soon as the processing is completed.

If you have any difficulties, queries, etc or wish to report corrections to the draft data presented here please contact – your feedback would be very welcome.