SMPTE Metadata Registers Documentation

About the SMPTE Metadata Registers

The SMPTE Metadata Registers are catalogues of metadata items identified by SMPTE Universal Labels – these are typically used in applications of Key-Length-Value (KLV) coding such as MXF audio-visual files.

The SMPTE Engineering Documents that define the SMPTE Metadata Registers are known as the Metadata Register Structure Documents. These provide the formal definition of the SMPTE Metadata Registers. The relevant documents are:

Register Engineering Document
Labels SMPTE ST 400:2012
Types SMTPE ST 2003:2012
Elements SMPTE ST 335:2012
Groups SMPTE ST 395:2014

About this Documentation

This micro-site provides some draft documentation for the SMPTE Metadata Registers – the aim is to capture practical technical information about how the Registers (and related tools) are currently operated / designed.

Resources on the Registers Website

Return to the main SMPTE Metadata Registers website for the Registers themselves, Submission resources and related tools.

Part of the SMPTE Registration Authority

The SMPTE Metadata Registers are part of the SMPTE Registration Authority

Editing the Registers: Submissions

A Submission is a request to alter the SMPTE Metadata Registers. All edits to the Registers (both alterations and additions) are handled as Submissions.

For the definition of the Submission Process refer to SMPTE AG 18 (only accessible to members of the SMPTE Standards Community). You may also find it helpful to refer to the Registers Submission Instructions folder on KAVI for documentation of the practical steps involved (only accessible to members of SMPTE TC-30MR).

Refer to the UL version bytes documentation for information on how to set the version byte (byte eight) of new entries included in a Submission.

Class 13 and Class 14 Registrations

The SMPTE Registration Authority is the registration authority for Class 13 and 14 Nodes defined in the SMPTE Metadata Registers.

Refer to the Class 13/14 Registration information on the SMPTE Registration Authority website for more details


If you have any difficulties, queries, etc or wish to report corrections to the Registers please contact – your feedback would be very welcome.