Draft Registers Registers Working Draft (potential release candidate)

Draft Data Updated: 2024-07-04 10:52:52 -0700

Draft Registers = Published Registers + all "accepted" Submissions

The Draft Registers are a potential candidate for the next SMPTE Metadata Registers release / publication. They contain all "accepted" changes to the Registers (detail: all "accepted" Submissions are included in the Draft Registers even if they have not yet been permanently "merged" in the management system).

The web views below should be regarded as purely informative – the XML documents are the canonical reference.

Some of these webpages contain a lot of data – please be patient as they load! The webpages are best viewed in Google Chrome.

  • Essence Element Keys Register
  • This is only available on the Published and Development pages

Online Tool – Generate Reg-XML from an MXF File

Powered by: Draft Registers (above)

Produce a Reg-XML (SMPTE ST 2001-1) XML file for an MXF file on your machine instantly – no need to upload the entire MXF file! This allows you to see all of the Header Metadata at the start of an MXF file. This is powered by regxmllib. This tool uses Reg-XML dictionaries and Schemas that have been auto-generated from the Draft Registers (directly above).