About Submissions

A Submission is a request to alter the SMPTE Metadata Registers. All edits to the Registers (both alterations and additions) are handled as Submissions. For more information on the technical requirements and the process please refer to the Documentation.

XML Schemas for Submissions

Each Submission contains one or more Registers XML files that expresses the changes being requested. All Submissions must conform to the XML Schemas provided here.

Submission Templates

These templates provide a starting point for creating certain Submissions.

Registers Snapshot for Editing

Submissions can contain additions (new entries) and alterations (changes to existing entries). If you want to make an alteration to an existing entry then download this Registers snapshot, edit the relevant XML file and include it in your Submission.

Detail: this snapshot does not contain any of the temporarily merged-in Submissions that are present in some of the other Registers XML files available from this website and so is suitable for editing. The content will be the same as that in the Draft Registers unless the Registers are "closed" and there are outstanding "accepted" Submissions (in which case these outstanding "accepted" Submissions cannot be permanently "merged" in the management system yet and so will not appear in this snapshot but will appear in the Draft Registers).