A submitter is always permitted to edit an existing group, regardless of who originally defined the group, in order to add an element so long as:

  • The Element is a new Element that has been defined by the Submitter
  • The Group is designed to be extended (for example, it is never KLV encoded as a “Pack”) and the proposed alteration is in-line with this designed extensibility (for example, the Element being added has IsOptional=true)
  • The edit to the Group is as minimal as possible to achieve the addition of the Element
  • The Element that is being added to the Group must have a DefiningDocument value so that people can see in the Registers where that Element came from.

This kind of edit is always permitted and so can be dealt with by the Registers Editor.

Other “unusual” situations will likely need to be referred to the 30mr10 Working Group for discussion. For example:

  • Deleting an existing entry
  • Adding a pre-existing Element (perhaps: defined by someone else; already used in at least one Group) to a new or pre-existing Group