This page supplements the information in AG18

Note that top level submissions are mutually exclusive from other class 13/14 submission- non-top level nodes cannot be included in this process.

  • Registrant signs-up with SMPTE director of engineering:
  • SMPTE director of engineering assigns a new Registration Node number for the Registrant . Note: Only SMPTE is authorized to issue new Registration Node numbers.
  • SMPTE director of engineering asks the Registrant to complete an XML template for each Register (to specify symbols, namespace, etc.)

  • SMPTE director of engineering adds the Registrant’s node to

  • SMPTE director of engineering sends the four XML template files 30MR10 as a Submission – this is processed in the normal way and ultimately added to The Registers. The Registers Editor checks that the details are consistent with what has been published on
  • If the details are consistent, the Editor will change submission status to Accepted and merge into the Draft Registers when they are open.