Submitters’ Information: Basic

  • Registers Editor contact :
  • Timing: 30MR10 will attempt to work with the submitter to get the submission to “mature” state. For a typical submission this is likely to be within four weeks of it first formally being submitted, assuming that the submitter is responsive for change requests and submission modification advice. More complicated / larger submissions could take longer. The submitter is strongly encouraged to get in touch with 30MR10 as early as possible in the project to discuss plans. This will allow the scale of the submission to be judged and give a chance for advice on how to approach it.
  • Submission Date: Although there might be discussion with the registers editor in advance, the formal submitting of a registers submission is when it is emailed to 30MR-10. This is the formal “first received” date that is recorded.
  • ANALYSIS TOOL: Potential submissions can be analyzed for errors and warnings by the submitter, and should be prior to submission, at
    • This will check schema validation and scan for correctness. This includes, but is not limited to, checking that alterations and additions are coherent on a multi-level model, both within itself and to other submissions.
    • This cannot perform higher-level checks, such as judging design decisions, checking for correct categorization of ULs, spellchecking, and proper permissions.
  • Metadata Registers (Published, Draft, and Development):
  • SMPTE Registration Authority: