Document Editor’s Information: Style Guide

UL Formats

  • Use consistent-case alpha characters
  • If using urn:smpte:ul, use proper format (lower-case, separator every four characters)
  • No need to define the meaning of every byte of a UL
  • List entire UL

Groups UL

  • Byte 6 value defined by ST 377-1 or ST 336
  • Byte 6 will appear as a wild-card in XML entry (0x7F ), regardless of the value in the defining document

New entry definitions

  • Keep table formats styles to a minimum
  • No need to normatively define every field of an entry (label, name, namespace, etc.)
  • Value comparison is tedious and prone to error.
  • This means that as more values are defined in the document, it leads to a higher chance of error
  • Do not place XML submission code into text of document

Ballot Package

Include submission XML as a zip file with Eng Doc during review & ballot, etc. but do not publish it