Note: The Essence Element Key Register does not currently have a SMPTE controlling document and is maintained as an Excel spreadsheet that contains values for Type (a.k.a. Kind), UL, Name, Definition, and Defining Document. This document is available in the SMPTE Metadata Registers Development Website

  • User downloads spreadsheet template and completes it with details of new key(s)
  • User submits this spreadsheet template as part of Registers Submission
  • Register Editor:
    • does NOT add this submitted spreadsheet template to the Submission in the Development Area
    • checks entry (and corrects if necessary)
    • copies values into the master spreadsheet (this prevents errors not related to entry from corrupting master)
    • highlights the entry in the master spreadsheet to indicate it is provisional
    • adds a note to the proposal_metadata that this has been done
  • Entry remains marked as provisional until Submission is “accepted”, at which point the provisional status is removed from the master spreadsheet